GreenSource was born from the world’s leading Emergency Warning Manufacturer and is at the forefront of the most advanced PCB manufacturing innovations.

GreenSource Fabrication Capability Firsts

  • High-end production-grade quality to do short runs
  • The fastest cycle time capability in the industry for complex HDI, SI, and Flex/Rigid-Flex products

Greensource and The Environment

Sustainability is a component of every part of our business and responsibility is at the core of everything we do. Climate change is undeniable, and we are committed to limiting our impact on the environment.

  • The first and only “green” fabricator of PCBs
  • First of its kind chemical recycling program
  • Results in no wastewater discharge, toxic air emissions, or hazardous waste

GreenSource is the only North American PCB Fab Facility

Capable of horizontally plating and processing thin substrates in high yield/short cycle time

Using the latest paste technologies from Japan for advanced HDI

The only advanced HDI (mSAP/amSAP/SAP) capable PCB Fab in North America (ie. 10-50 micron line/space range) with powerful world-class processes.

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